Every moment, billions of proteins are interacting with each other in and on your cells to make your body work. And capturing profiles of these protein signatures offers researchers a lens through which to find out more about human health and disease.


3U HUMAN DISEASE PROTEOMICS brings together a suite of experts in ‘proteomics’, or the study of these protein profiles, to look at cancer, diseases of the lung and eye, and what happens when we get infected by a fungus or a bacterium.


Researchers within the group have long-standing expertise in studying protein signatures in disease, including cystic fibrosis and clinically important fungal infections, and coming together offers the chance to pool resources and intensify efforts in areas that overlap.


The sum of the whole is much more than the sum of the individual parts, and as the experts work together, the aim is to do new biology and find new models of how organisms are working and how disease processes work. Ultimately this should translate into real-life products – diagnostics and therapies that will help the patient.




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  • Prof Sean Doyle; Maynooth University; Department of Biology
  • Dr Paula Meleady; DCU, National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology
  • Professor Ray Stallings; RCSI, Director of Research, Cancer Genetics