3U NSTEP: NATIONAL INITIATIVE IN STEM EDUCATION AND PRACTICE Strand 1 research initiative  has led to many positive collaborations between academics across the 3U Partnership in several disciplines – all of which focus on researching the pedagogies of teaching STEM subjects at 3rd level.

In particular, we are very pleased that a number of collaborations generated through 3U NSTEP Strand 1 have led to further projects that have successfully attracted external funding from the National Teaching and Learning Forum.

We have produced a publication of the outputs of the 3U NSTEP Strand 1 projects. To view or download the e-copy of the 3U NSTEP Strand 1 Project Reports on the web – please click HERE

Also, it was a very busy academic year for 3U Partnership in 2014/2015 and we would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the achievements of 3U Partnership during this time.

To view or download the full 3U Partnership Annual Report 2014/15 on the web – please click here.