Presentation by Shimmer

About Shimmer: Shimmer is a leading provider of wearable wireless sensor products and solutions since its foundation in 2008. As a pioneer in the industry Shimmer are committed to pushing the boundaries, and driving the future development of wearable wireless sensing through their personnel and world class engineering team. Shimmer website:

‘Never before have consumer markets been so stimulated by the concept of self-monitoring and access to real-time data. Shimmer marketing manager Martina Donohue will give you an overview about their experience in the exciting wearable landscape, and see where wearables are currently having the most impact in Healthcare.’
Date: Monday 5th December 2016
Time: 1.00pm
Location: XG21 on Dublin City University  Glasnevin Campus.

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Master of Engineering in Digital Health and Medical Technologies

Also, if you are have a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering (or cognate disciplines) you might also be interested in our Master of Engineering in Digital Health and Medical Technologies programme. This exciting new programme will produce engineers capable of designing and developing electronic devices and systems for the medical and healthcare communities.

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