3U PARTNERSHIP is a deep and sustainable partnership that creates richer educational opportunities for our students and enhances our ability to solve some of the major research problems facing today’s society.

We have identified key areas of activity where together we can achieve much more together than any of us could alone.

3U PARTNERSHIP preserves the separate identities and missions of the institutions, while enhancing our ability to deliver on those missions by working together. The partnership provides a framework that assists us in forging new solutions across disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, business, arts, humanities and social sciences.

Through the 3U Partnership, we will:

  • Enrich the academic opportunities available to our students by developing a range of joint degree programmes as well as broadening their choice of options.
  • Be more effective in developing solutions to major issues confronting citizens today in areas such as healthcare, sustainability, globalization and technology.
  • Attract more international students to study in Ireland through our bespoke 3U Pathway Programmes.
  • Enhance the quality of the learning experience throughout our education system both through our research in education and by sharing advances into best practice in teaching and learning.

3U PARTNERSHIP has evolved naturally from a range of successful collaborations that have been taking place between our institutions in recent years. Based on these successes, we initiated a formal process in 2010 to develop a partnership framework that would facilitate deeper engagement between our communities and catalyse further collaboration. These are challenging times for our nation. By working together, we can enhance our contribution to Ireland’s social and economic recovery. 3U PARTNERSHIP makes greater use of our existing resources, provides broader opportunities for our students, and improves our ability to engage globally. We are committed to a long-term partnership and collaboration between our institutions. The 3U projects and initiatives outlined on this website are just the beginning. We believe that the 3U Partnership will be a force for change and development in education and research in Ireland over the coming decades and will make a major contribution globally. We know that we can deliver greater regional, national and global impact by working smartly together.