Dr Ruth Davis, director of 3U Partnership, on the consortium that combines the educational and research strengths of three Irish universities.

3U PARTNERSHIP is a vibrant example contemporary collaboration in action within the higher education sector in Ireland. 3U Partnership brings together Ireland’s largest medical schools, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), and two of Ireland’s youngest universities, Dublin City University (DCU) and Maynooth University. Combined, the 3U partners have world-class research and teaching portfolios that span medical sciences, biomedical engineering, physical sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. In addition, RCSI brings clinical expertise and strong links to acute hospitals and other healthcare facilities that are essential to delivering truly translational research, from bench to population and vice versa.

3U PARTNERSHIP is a vibrant example of contemporary collaboration in action within the higher education sector in Ireland.

Vision and Objectives

The vision of 3U PARTNERSHIP is “to form a deep and sustainable partnership, which will enable its three partner institutions to achieve much more together than could be achieved on their own”.

3U PARTNERSHIP offers a framework that enables joint activities across the institutions to capitalise on the benefits of greater scale and synergy whilst preserving the separate identities of the three partner institutions. Through 3U PARTNERSHIP, the partner institutions aim to:

  • enrich the academic opportunities available to their students by developing joint postgraduate degree programmes;
  • harness the research strengths of the 3U partners to more effectively develop solutions to major issues confronting citizens today in areas such as healthcare, sustainability, globalization and technology; and,
  • attract more international students to study in Ireland through the development of the 3U PhD Hub.

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