Areas of Research Interest

  • Sharing skills and capacity building in distance and blended education – either conducting open training sessions or establishing a social network which would support one another
  • Developing common criteria in designing modules, such as number of credits each module would be, pedagogical processes, accreditation and assessment criteria, whether modules should be stand alone, provision of modules as open access, how modules are developed for different partners such as policy-makers, NGOs, community and civil society.
  • Sharing evaluations or methodology of modules/courses and any other research to be conducted on using blended and distance education in global development contexts which can contribute to the building of pedagogical capacity and the analysis of its use in global health contexts.
  • Establishing and mapping a network to let JIGH members know what we are doing in terms of modules, geographical location and profile of students and lecturers, communities of practice and other research partners.
  • Developing capacity across the university and civil society partners in open source and collaborative sharing of blended and distance education technology and capacity.

Funded Research Projects

  • Community Systems Strengthening for Equitable Maternal and Child Health (COSYST-MCH). DCU and RCSI are currently collaborating on Community Systems Strengthening for Equitable Maternal and Child Health (COSYST-MCH) in a partnership of experienced development workers, researchers and practitioners.
  • Transformative Engagement Network (TEN-hunger) funded through round 3 of the Programme for Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes…
    Medical Professionalism in Practice – developing and understanding relationship-centred professionalism in medicine for the public, students, teachers and clinicians” [Med PiP]. Funded by the Irish Research Council through its New Foundation Grants Scheme…
    Research Strengths

Maynooth University as the only provider of a continuous range of lifelong learning in Ireland, from early childhood, primary level, second level, higher education, adult and community education, has been involved in a wide diversity of teaching and research across different contexts of education.

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